Drop on Demand (DOD)

The devices of the category "DOD", which means "Drop on Demand", are big-font coders with a print height of 6 mm up to a maximum of 230 mm. With a writing speed of up to 120 meters (@Matrix 16x10), the devices are also suitable for use on fast conveyor belts.

"Drop on demand" Ink Jet describes how the coder works. It has up to 64 nozzles which can be controlled separately. The ink drops each have their own electromagnetically-controlled valve and form the various graphics or letters as a matrix.

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The PicAS EBS-230 is the smallest of our DOD (Drop on Demand) Ink-Jet coders. It fires out of up to 16 nozzles and it can print at a maximum speed of up to 60 m/min. The font height goes from 5mm up to 27mm. In addition a product sensor (photocell) is already included. The optional available touchscreen-terminal of the printer is easily unterstandable. 

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Our long-time proven EBS-1500 is  one of the most reliable coders on the market. With it's almost trouble-free technology and the simple operation it is a real long-term investment. The printer can get equipped with a bunch of different printheads, optional from 16 nozzles up to 64 nozzles. Expressed in font height this means from 6 mm up to 230 mm.

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