Big font printing with up to 64 nozzles

With the optional 64-nozzle print head it is possible to print from 6mm to 116mm height. You can print barcodes, graphics, text and special modules such as up and down counters and automatic date and time. 

Indvidual configuration

Exceptional flexibility in configuring your printing systems. Two types of drivers, 7D (7 nozzles), 16D, 25D, 32D, 64D printheads, with conventional or stand-alone ink systems. Each printhead can print with a different ink color. Perfect for multiple parallel production lines or multicolor projects.

Protection class IP54

IP54 - Protection class of the housing against ingress of water and dust guarantees high reliability of the printer over a long period of time. Keyboard, display and ports are protected against chemicals and splash water from all directions. All electronic and mechanical parts are protected from external influences by several mechanisms.

High contrast

The pigment inks used in our printers, such as white or yellow ink, allow printing on a variety of dark substrates. Other inks, such as the green or blue ink, enable high-contrast and well-covering prints on all surfaces and are also suitable for multi-coloured substrates. With our know-how you will find the right ink for every application.