Print everywhere, in any orientation!

Due to the valve technology on which the Handjet is based, you can print in any orientation, even overhead. You can also take the printer with you wherever you go. No power cable, no network cable and no separate ink system. All these things have been replaced by battery, WI-FI and ink cartridge. 

Long battery life

With a battery life of up to 16 hours in continuous operation, the Handjet EBS-260 holds up to 2 shifts. This means high flexibility and uninterrupted work in multi-shift operation. Charging the battery does not take long either, only about 4,5 hours until it is fully charged. 

High contrast printings

The Handjet is also capable of printing with pigmented inks. These inks have the advantage that they provide a great contrast to more difficult materials such as textiles or foam. In addition they have a much better coverage on these materials.

High efficiency

One ink cartridge is sufficient for up to 200.000 characters. Thus the Handjet is also in the consumption of ink clearly in the advantage compared to e.g. stamp and spray can. In addition, the Handjet consumes very little power and rarely needs to be charged. 

Connect your devices

The integrated Bluetooth function allows you to connect devices such as bar code scanners or scales. This helps to save a lot of time every day. You do not have to enter all the information manually, but receive it fully automatically. 

Completely wireless

You can easily access the printer by using WiFi. Connect the printer to your network, open the editor in your browser, and you're ready to send projects to the Handjet completely wireless.