High contrast, high efficiency, low costs: EBS 6800P

Extremely high contrast can be useful in many applications. But nevertheless the printer has to be reliable and efficient over a long period and there shouldn't be high follow-up costs. 

Our EBS-6800P fulfills all of these requirements and includes even more useful features like the super fast maintenance feature or the 5,7" LCD touch screen for easy handling.

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Physical facts

Housing stainless steel

Housing dimensions

  •  width 300mm
  •  hight 470mm
  •  depth 211mm

Printhead dimensions straight diameter Ø 40mm; length 198mm

                                    angular diameter Ø 40mm; length 127mm; height 130mm 

LCD dimensions 5,7"/144,8mm

Weight about 13,8kg without fluids

IP protection class, printer casing(excluding the printhead)

  • IP44 (standard)
  • IP54 (option)

Technical data *)

Number of printheads 1

Printer position during printing vertical

Printhead position during printing any

Head cable

  • head cable length 3m

Distance from the printhead to an object from 0 to 30mm


  • USB, current efficiency 300 mA
  • PHOTO (photodetector input)
  • SHAFT (shaft encoder input)
  • optional connections (e.g. RS-232)

Terminal a built-in terminal equipped with an air tight, splash proof, chemicals resistant                            alphanumerical keyboard and a big touch control LCD (touch screen)

Print release photodetector (other detectors can be connected, if required by a user)

Timing of print columns - internal generator

                                       - shaft-encoder

Working conditions

Enviroment working temperature from

  • +5 to +40°C (from 41 to +104°F), for static operation
  • +15 to +40°C (from +59 to +104°F) for dynamic operation
  • relative humidity: up to 90% without condensation

Acceptable exposure to vibration and impacts

  • vibration: max. 1g, max. 10Hz
  • shocks:    max. 1g, max. 2ms

Power supply

  • supply voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • max. current consumption: 0,65 - 0,3 A

Compressed air not required!!!

Required inactive time none, the device can run uninterruptedly for 24 hours

Specifications *)

Print height  from 1,2 to 14mm

Maximum dots 16 (optional 25 or 32)

Number of texts

  • about 1000 (standard)
  • about 2000 (option)


  • edited with graphics editor
  • maximum height is determined by selected text profile

Types of subtextes  


Subtexts whose contents are:
‑ static,
‑ dynamic (so called special registers: counters, date, expiration date, time, shift identifier, external data, variable field, text contents).

Character matrices 

  • Latin: 5x5, 7x4, 7x5, 9x5, 9x7, 11x7, 12x6, 12x7, 14x9, 16x9, 16x10, 16x14,                                      21x15, 25x15, 32x18 and any combination of the a/m matrices can be used                                      within the restrictions imposed by a selected text (including national characters: German, Polish, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, Slovak),
  • Cyrillic: 5x5, 7x6, 9x7, 12x7, 12x9, 16x10, 25x19, 32x24 (including Ukrainian,                              Kazakh characters),
  • Arabic
  • Armenian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

Bar codes  

  • 1-dimensional (1D) codes: Datalogic, Matrix, 2/5 5 Bars, 2/5 IATA, Interleaved, Code 39,          EAN‑8, EAN‑13, EAN‑13 +EAN5, UPC‑A, UPC‑A EBS, UPC‑E, CODE 128, EAN‑128, CODE 128B, ITF8, ITF14.
  • 2-dimensional (2D) code: Data Matrix ECC‑200(an option).

Maximum print rate for Speed=FAST printing parameter                             

  • 2083 cps - 1 line  5x5,
  • 1890 cps - 2 lines 5x5,
  •   607 cps - 3 lines 5x5,
  •   809 cps - 4 lines 5x5,
  •   489 cps - 5 lines 5x5,
  • 1785 cps - 1 line  7x4,
  • 1247 cps - 2 lines 7x4,
  •  728 cps -  3 lines 7x4,
  •  792 cps -  4 lines 7x4,
  •  709 cps -  1 lines 11x7,
  •  304 cps -  2 lines 11x7,
  •  312 cps -  1 line  16x9,
  •   76 cps  -  1 line   25x15,
  •   31 cps  -  1 line   32x18; with 1 space row between characters.


Type of Ink pigment, based on methyl-ethyl ketone or ethanol

Ink color multicolor, provided that ink of one type only is used

*) note -  the manufacturer reserves that:

the range of available features, options and printer parameters may vary and depend on the option you have negotiated

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This is not the right system for your application? Please take a view on our other products or get in contact with our service team. Don't hesitate to ask for help, we would be happy to support you with our know-how.

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