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The mobile Handjet printers are big-font printers with a print height of 7 mm to a maximum of 57 mm. With a light weight and unlimited mobility, the coders of this series are the more efficient option compared to roll-coders or stencils. With a very simple handling, the handjet is the perfect tool for a bunch of different applications!

"Drop on demand" Ink Jet describes how the device works. The marking systems have up to 32 nozzles which can be controlled separately. The nozzles for the ink drops each have their own electromagnetically-controlled valve.  The ink drops form the various graphics or letters as a matrix.

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The Handjet EBS-250 was the first fully mobile DOD (Drop on Demand) Ink-Jet printer of the world. With a font height of 7 mm up to 27 mm, there are a lot of applications where the Handjet is the right tool. Because of a very robust technical construction and a very easy handling everyone can work with this mobile coder. Perfect to substitute roll-coders and stencils, because the handjet is much more faster and efficient.

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Because the Handjet series was such a great benefit for a lot of customers, EBS Ink-Jet Systems decided to develop the even more successful big brother  - the Handjet EBS-260. The big-font DOD (Drop on Demand) Ink-Jet printer is now able to print from 11 mm up to a maximum of 57 mm in height. The unique handling has even been improved, due to a big touchscreen on the coder itself.

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