Reliability, functionality and efficiency: EBS Boltmark II

The new generation of BOLTMARK ® II printers has increased in terms of performance, functionality and reliability. Our engineers have created a product that will not let you down, even under the toughest conditions, and will also work highly efficiently.

Extremely low power consumption (only 19 W) creates a new quality in the CIJ printer segment. With low consumption of consumables, the BOLTMARK®-II series printers take the lead in eco-friendly and economical marking equipment.

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Physical facts

Housing stainless steel

Housing dimensions

  •  width 300mm
  •  hight 470mm
  •  depth 211mm

Printhead dimensions straight diameter Ø 40mm; length 199mm

Weight about 12,5kg without fluids

IP protection class, printer casing(excluding the printhead)

  • IP55 (standard)
  • IP65 (an option, with external air supply)

Technical data *)

Number of printheads 1

Printer position during printing vertical

Printhead position during printing any

Head cable

  • head cable length 3m
  • minimum cable bend radius:

              1. 75mm for static operation
              2. 150mm for dynamic operation

Distance from the printhead to an object from 0 to 30mm


  • USB, current efficiency 300 mA
  • PHOTO (photodetector input)
  • SHAFT (shaft encoder input)
  • optional connections (e.g. RS-232)

Terminal a built-in terminal equipped with an air tight, splash proof, chemicals resistant                            alphanumerical keyboard and a big touch control LCD (touch screen)

Working conditions

Enviroment working temperature from

  • +5 to +40°C (from 41 to +104°F), for static operation
  • +15 to +40°C (from +59 to +104°F) for dynamic operation
  • relative humidity: up to 90% without condensation

Acceptable exposure to vibration and impacts

  • vibration: max. 1g, max. 10Hz
  • shocks:    max. 1g, max. 2ms

Power supply

  • supply voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • max. current consumption: 0,6 - 0,2 A

Compressed air not required!!!

Required inactive time none, the device can rund uninterruptedly for 24 hours

Specifications *)

Print height  from 0,8 to 14mm

Maximum dots 16 (optional 25)

Number of texts 100 


  • edited with graphics editor
  • maximum height is determined by selected text profile


Type of ink  non pigmented, based on methyl-ethyl ketone or ethanol

Ink color  multicolor, provided that ink of one type only is used

*) note -  the manufacturer reserves that:

the range of available features, options and printer parameters may vary and depend on the option you have negotiated

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