Every day, a wide variety of products are printed and marked around the world. The reasons for product labeling are as varied as the reasons for labeling. The majority of them are based on legal requirements for product labeling on the part of the manufacturer. These ensure, for example, that the most important information for consumers or processing companies is recognizable at a glance. Another advantage of precise product labeling is the identification of specific batch or article numbers. Thus, labeling systems are used in a wide range of different industries.

In addition to the diverse requirements of the individual industries, the materials to be printed also have an effect on the choice of the right marking device. In particular, the ink must be matched to the respective product in order to achieve a permanent and legible marking. We therefore offer an equally broad portfolio of different inks in addition to our wide range of marking systems.

For smooth product marking and efficient production, successful integration into the existing production process is also a high priority. The marking system must therefore be extremely fast, cost-efficient and robust in the face of malfunctions. For this reason, continuous further development of the systems for product marking is of the utmost importance. Our engineers are therefore always on the lookout for innovative ways to make our marking systems even more efficient and reliable.

Suitable systems

Continuous Inkjet (CIJ)

Drop on demand (DOD)

Mobile printers

The devices of the category "CIJ", which means "Continuous Ink Jet", are small font printers with a print height of 0.8mm to a maximum of 14mm. With a writing speed of up to 500 meters / minute (@Matrix 5x5), the devices are also prepared for use on fast conveyor belts.

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The devices of the category "DOD", which means "Drop on demand", are big-font printers with a print height of 6mm up to a maximum of 115mm. With a write speed of up to 120 meters / minute (@Matrix 16x10), the devices are also prepared for use on fast conveyor belts.

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The mobile Handjet printers are big-font printers with a print height of 6mm to a maximum of 56mm. With a lightweight and unlimited mobility, the printers of this series are the more efficient option compared to roll-coders or stencils.

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