Coding EPAL Euro pallets

EBS is coding EPAL Euro pallet QR

On 2023-11-21, the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) gave the go-ahead for the use of QR codes on Euro pallets. QR codes on pallets enable quick and clear identification and efficient tracking. Errors are avoided and efficiency is increased. QR codes are the key to smooth logistics management. Using mineral oil-free ink, the EBS-2600 high-resolution inkjet system prints QR codes on pallets with maximum legibility. Pallet marking has never been so easy!

Certified for EPAL QR

After an extensive development period in cooperation with several European pallet factories, we have made our EBS-2600 inkjet system fit for the EPAL Euro pallet QR. It was worth it! The system is officially certified by EPAL for printing QR codes on Euro pallets!

Reliable and efficient production

The interaction between printer and sensor system is the secret to your production reliability. Integrated stainless steel deflectors protect the print head from damage caused by protruding nails. Extremely economical printers with a power consumption of just 25 W per device can be integrated into almost any existing production line. In contrast to conventional burning methods, the line is no longer stopped for marking.

Fast and flexible

Each EPAL Euro pallet QR receives its own individual code. Incoming data is quickly processed by the system and printed as a QR code. The marking for special pallets, for example, is also available quickly. Projects are called up directly on the display, eliminating further set-up times. This makes the EBS-2600 the perfect inkjet system for every pallet factory!

Our solution for your production line

In addition to the printing system, consisting of two printers, we offer an extensive catalog of accessories. This enables us to offer you a system solution for integration into almost any production line. A smart complete system without compromises, everything from a single source!

Suitable Systems

High Resolution EBS-2600

The EBS-2600 is a modern, but simply and reliably designed printer. The device reports its readiness within seconds of being connected to the power supply and is programmed and controlled either via the integrated input terminal or a PC connected to the Ethernet.

Oil-based inks and a power consumption of max. 15W make the EBS-2600 a highly efficient and environmentally friendly marking system.