High Resolution (High-Res)

The devices of the category “High-Res”, which means “High Resolution”, are printers with a print height of 1,2mm up to a maximum of 12,5mm. With a resolution up to 600 dpi they have a very high resolution and bar codes or graphics are the easiest exercise.

The printers have a lot more nozzles than standard printers which can be controlled seperately. These nozzles let the ink drops pass in case of an electric signal. With a writing speed of up to 90 meters/minute the devices are ready for the use on conveyor belts.


EBS TJ-100

The TJ-100 (Thermal Jet) is the most compact high-resolution printer in the portfolio. With a maximum print height of 12.5mm, it is the ideal candidate for labeling smaller outer packaging or products. Whether QR codes, logos or multi-line text, the TJ-100 can handle any challenge. With the proven HP cartridges, changing the ink is done in no time.

EBS TJ-200

Like the TJ-100, the TJ-200 (Thermal Jet) has a maximum marking height of 12.5 mm and a resolution of up to 600 DPI. However, unlike its brother, it is completely mobile, equipped with a handle and a large rechargeable battery. The tried-and-tested HP cartridge system is also used here, with which the ink can be changed in just a few moments.


The EBS-2600 is a modern, but simply and reliably designed printer. The device reports its readiness within seconds of being connected to the power supply and is programmed and controlled either via the integrated input terminal or a PC connected to the Ethernet.

Oil-based inks and a power consumption of max. 15W make the EBS-2600 a highly efficient and environmentally friendly marking system.

EBS PJ-1000

The EBS PJ-1000 (Piezo Jet) is a real workhorse. Once it is set up, it never stops printing and works tirelessly. With its permanent ink circulation and robust construction, it is ready for the rigors of everyday industrial use. With a print height of up to 108mm and a resolution of 600 DPI, large, detailed labels are produced with ease and

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