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The compact design of the printhead and ink system enables installation of the PJ-1000 at a variety of product lines.

Once filled with ink, the printer is ready to print within seconds due to its innovative ink circulation technology. The high print speed of 150 meters per minute, with a resolution of 360 dpi horizontally makes this a neat package.

The ink system is freely positionable and the print head can be fitted sideways from above, giving you maximum flexibility.

The PJ-1000 marks your products with texts, graphics and up to 24 of your barcode variations, with print heights from 1mm to 108mm. So, switching to the PJ-1000 from an old system is easy.

Thanks to the intuitive, user-friendly software “HiResEdGraf”, creating or import texts, barcodes and graphics is very comfortable.

Available in various colours, the oil based inks are free of mineral oil. Due to its very low power consumption, the PJ-1000 is environmentally friendly.


What makes the PJ-1000 so special?

  • High resolution up to 360dpi vertically
  • Print speeds from up to 150 m/min at 360dpi
  • Small print from 1mm
  • High resolution graphics/logos
  • Printing of grey shades
  • Ventilation and operation of the ink system are simple
  • Trapped air pockets in the nozzle plate are not possible
  • Pigmented MOF inks (mineral oil free) Ideal for printing on porous surfaces e.g. in the food industry
  • Coloured inks available
  • Internal ink tank
  • Print height of 108mm without displacement.

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Physical facts
Housing stainless steel
Weight  approx. 6kg (without consumables)
Technical data *)
Number of printheads 1 as standard
Printer position during printing vertical or horizontal
Head cable no cable needed

Distance from the printhead to an object for perfect results PJ-1000 should have no distance to object


  • USB
  • OPTION PORT, (photocell, shaft encoder, output signals…)
Terminal no integrated terminal needed (you can use pc as terminal via ethernet)
Working conditions
Power supply

  • supply voltage: 230V/12V
Compressed air not required!!!
Required inactive time none, the device can run uninterruptedly for 24 hours
Specifications *)

Print height  from 1 to 108mm

Maximum resolution 360 dpi

Number of texts 9 print images at print begin, any number at print begin via Ethernet/RS232 or USB stick


  • Monochrome bitmap- graphics can be created i.e. with Paint or other software.
Barcodes1)  EAN 8, EAN 13, EAN 128, Code 2/5, Code 2/5 check, Code 39, Code 39 check, Code 128, DUN14, GS1 Databar
2D-Codes1) Datamatrix, GS1 Datamatrix, QR-Code, PPN-Code
Automatic functions1) Date, Time, Counter, customer-specific links
Max. print speed in m/min at 360 dpi
  • EBS PJ-1000 Mini:  30
  • EBS PJ-1000 Midi:  60
  • EBS PJ-1000 Maxi: 90

Text length 13.500 Pixel = 0,975m at 360 dpi


Type of ink  Pigmented MOF inks (mineral oil free)

Ink color  black

1) Not available in all EBS-PJ-1000 versions

*) note –  the manufacturer reserves the right that: the range of available features, options and printer parameters may vary and depend on the option you have negotiated
There is geographically limited availability for the unit. Please check availability in your country by making an individual enquiry with us.

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