History of EBS

EBS Ink-Jet Systems has been in the market for over 44 years and is one of the most experienced companies in the industrial coding and marking industry. With considerable technical knowledge, we continuously create innovative printing systems and set the latest standards in the market.

1977 | Founding of "BDT", Cologne

Jan Slomianny founded the company Büro und Datentechnik (BDT) in Cologne.

1980 | Introduction "Drop on demand" ink jet printers

At the beginning of 1980, Jan Slomianny was the first to develop the drop-on-demand ink-jet (DOD), flexible and usable everywhere. Characteristic of this printer and at that time unique in the world, was the ability to change the font size by tilting the print heads. Since then, this technique has been used by numerous companies worldwide. Through the development of special writing heads, fast-drying ink could be used, allowing to apply fast-changing labels even on non-porous surfaces (e.g., plastic, metal, glass, rubber). A novelty in the world market.

1983 | Founding of Intron Elektronik

Jan Slomianny founded the company Intron Elektronik in Wroclaw, Poland (partner company of the German head office).

1984 | Founding of EBS

The company EBS Elektronische Beschriftungssysteme GmbH was founded in Numbrecht by Jan Slomianny, which originated from the company Büro- und Datentechnik (BDT, founded 1977). The company headquarters were relocated from Cologne to Nümbrecht.

1987 | Introduction of first Continuous Ink Jet printer

The first printer of the category CIJ which means Continuous Ink Jet was brought to life. From this point on, even the smallest objects could be marked quickly and easily.

1992 | Fastest single nozzle printer in the world

Launch of the world’s fastest single nozzle Continuous Ink Jet printer: EBS-3001 HS. For the first time, it achieved a clock rate of 140kHz, which corresponds to an impressive 140,000 drops per second. It was chosen as the winner of Polagra 1992 and received the gold medal.

1995 | Extension of the company building

EBS moves to Kalkofener Straße in Numbrecht. The former dairy and Raiffeisen building (from 1997) was rebuilt and used as an office building, ink production, production building for finishing the printers and as a warehouse as well as for logistics. The 123 metre long building complex still serves as a warehouse today.

1998 | Introduction EBS-1500

Introduction of the new DOD big font printer EBS-1500 with up to 8 printheads.

1999 | Extension of EBS

The extension of EBS’s range required more offices, production and storage space. In 1999, EBS invested in new state-of-the-art buildings: the fourth Nümbrecht-Elsenroth plant, located in the center of Western Europe, about 50 km east of Cologne. On 21,000m² of land, a new production and service center was built for the domestic and worldwide EBS market with more than 3,500 m² of usable space.

2003 | EBS Ink-Jet Systems

In order to take into account the internationalization, in 2003 the names were changed to EBS Ink-Jet Systeme and EBS Ink Jet Systems Poland (formerly Intron Elektronik).

2005 | World-Innovation EBS-250

Market launch of the world’s first mobile inkjet printer with Li-Ion technology called Handjet EBS-250. Also, the quality control system (according to DIN EN ISO9001: 2000), which was audited by the certification body TÜV NORD CERT in November 2005, was introduced at the Polish branch. This positive step resulted in the award of the certificate of conformity.

2007 | 30th Anniversary/EBS 230

EBS celebrates its 30th anniversary. Introduction of the new and smallest nozzle DOD printer EBS 230.

2011 | New company branch in China

Foundation of the official subsidiary in China under the name EBS INK-JET SYSTEMS (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD

2013 | Launch of EBS-260

Launch of the new mobile inkjet printer EBS 260 with twice the font height and large touch display compared to the EBS-250.

2017 | New hall

New hall at the company location Numbrecht-Elsenroth has been built.

2018 | New generation of CIJ

EBS launches the new Boltmark II printers with innovative features like UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and network connectivity.