Ann-Kathrin Horlitz | Reading time: 5 min.

Wood marking with stationary systems

What works mobile, also works stationary!

In our last blog post, we introduced you to our mobile marking systems. It's quite clear: Markings o wood and other building materials can be discovered in almost all industries. A clear identification of the product is urgently needed at any point of the manufacturing process. However, a mobile solution is not equally suitable for all applications. Particularly on production lines, the individual stations must mesh and be coordinated with each other without any disruptions. Every disruption and manual adjustment costs time and money. A hand-held marking device would be virtually useless here. But what works mobile also works stationary.

Thanks to the innovative large character systems from EBS, markings of all kinds can be easily integrated into your production process - contact-free and uninterrupted during operation! Here, too, our marking devices ensure a consistently good print image and very low production costs. All information and graphics can be applied directly to your product with up to 64 nozzles and a maximum print image height of 115mm. Whether article designations, barcodes or your company logo - with a print speed of up to 120 meters per minute (@Matrix 16x10), all doors to modern product marking are open to you. Forget about damaged or even torn labels and stickers - Our stationary marking systems deliver precise and durable printing results even on wood thanks to the DOD process.


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