PicAS II EBS-1600

Practical and compact

The latest generation of EBS large character printers impresses with its compact and practical design.  The PicAS II EBS-1600 is installed and ready to print in less than 10 minutes. It is operated and controlled via a full colour 10.1″ TFT display with touch function. Different authorizations can be figured individually in each user profile.

Thanks to new, very compact design and the new E-Link technology, there are no annoying ink lines and no external compressed air supply. Visible cables are reduced to a minimum.

What is your requirement?

6-58mm print height, narrow nozzle spacing for a precise print image or larger nozzle spacing for more print height? The preferred printer configuration can be selected from 5 different printheads.

Robust right from the start

Even in its absolutely basic configuration, the PicAS II EBS-1600 has been developed for use in adverse production environments. The operating terminal is rated IP54 protection class and the printhead is even rated IP55.

Clean hand handling

Consumables can be changed quickly and cleanly to the new Quick-Shift cartridge system. No refilling, no drips, no tools.

Technical Details *)

Maximum character height

  • 13 mm (0.51″) – Printhead 7N/13
  • 24 mm (0.94″) – Printhead 7N/24
  • 29 mm (1.14″) – Printhead 16N/29
  • 56 mm (2.20″) – Printhead 16N/56
  • 58 mm (2.28″) – Printhead 32N/58

Adjustment of print height and vertical direction: yes (by slanting the printhead)

Maximum print speed (for not slanted printhead)

100 m/min. (at resolution not higher than 550 dots/m in a horizontal direction) 7N/13, 16N/29, 32N/58 Printheads

200 m/min. (at resolution not higher than 275 dots/m in a horizontal direction)  7N/24, 16N/56 Printheads

Integrated printhead

Number of printheads: 1
Types of printheads: 7N/13, 7N/24, 16N/29, 16N/56, 32N/58
Number of degrees of slanting: 5
Nozzle diameter/distance between nozzles:

150 µm/1.8 mm for 7N/13, 16N/29, 32N/58 printheads

170 µm/3.6 mm for 7/24, 16N/56 printheads

Working position of the printer



1 GB

Ingress protection rating

Control unit: IP54
Integrated printhead: IP55


10.1″ TFT colour display with touch function

External interfaces

Ethernet, USB-Port

Pressure trigger

Internal trigger generator or (optional) external shaft encoder

Power supply

100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz



Complete printer with a 1 liter ink cartridge: approx. ca. 7.6 kg (16.5 lbs)


Font-Types: Matrix-Fonts, TrueType

Additional fonts in format: *.ttf, *.bdf, *.pcf can be installed


1D codes: GS1-Data Bar 14, GS1 Data Bar Limited, GS1 Data Bar Expanded
2D codes: QR-Code, Data Matrix ECC200


Text objects/codes: static text, date/time, calendar, shift code, counter, text file, communication port

Grafic objects: line, rectangle, ellipse, picture

Cartridge content

Approx. 1 liter or 0.5 liter

Ink base

Ethanol, Acetone or MEK

*) Note

the manufacturer reserves the right to the range of available functions, options and printer parameters may vary and depend on the option you have ordered.

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