Small size but big power

With the well-proven HP cartridge quality, the EBS-TJ-100 has an extremely compact style and is top value for money. It can print up to 600 dpi resolution. So the simplest exercise is to print detailed graphics, QR-codes and texts.

CLICK – ready!

The solid aluminium structure with a length of only 123 mm excels with its patented click system which enables the cartridge to be simply clicked into place at the touch of a finger. Plastic clamping mechanisms (weak and potentially fragile), are a thing of the past.

One printer to mark them all

Print heads with black, water-based inks for porous surfaces like paper, cardboard and wood are available as well as high-contrast black inks for strongly absorbent surfaces together with solvent-based inks for smooth products (plastics, laminated cardboard, metal etc.).


Millions of sophisticated, high-class prints can be created with the Windows-based software provided. Of course, external data can be transferred in real-time to a variable fields.

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Physical facts

Housing anodised aluminium (milled)

Housing dimensions

  •  width  75mm
  •  hight   95mm
  •  depth 123mm

Weight  <1kg

Technical data *)

Number of printheads 1 as standard 

Printer position during printing vertical or horizontal

Head cable no cable needed

Distance from the printhead to an object for perfect results TJ-100 should have no distance to object


  • USB
  • OPTION PORT, (photocell, shaft encoder, output signals…)

Terminal no integrated terminal needed (you can use pc as terminal via ethernet)

Working conditions

Power supply

  • supply voltage: 230V/12V

Compressed air not required!!!

Required inactive time none, the device can run uninterruptedly for 24 hours

Specifications *)

Print height  from 1 to 12,5mm

Maximum resolution 300/600 dpi (belonging on chosen version)

Number of texts 9


  • Monochrome bitmap- graphics can be created i.e. with Paint or other software.

Barcodes1)  EAN 8, EAN 13, EAN 128, Code 2/5, Code 2/5 check, Code 39, Code 39 check, Code 128, DUN14, GS1 Databar

2D-Codes1) Datamatrix, GS1 Datamatrix, QR-Code, PPN-Code

Automatic functions1) Date, Time, Counter, customer-specific links

Max. print speed in m/min at 300dpi, depending on resolution)

  • EBS TJ-100 Mini:  30
  • EBS TJ-100 Midi:  60
  • EBS TJ-100 Maxi: 90

Text length up to 2000mm (belonging on chosen version)


Type of ink  cartridges, non pigmented, based on water or ethanol

Ink color  black

1) Not available in all EBS-TJ-100 versions

*) note –  the manufacturer reserves the right that:
the range of available features, options and printer parameters may vary and depend on the option you have negotiated

There is geographically limited availability for the unit. Please check availability in your country by making an individual enquiry with us. 

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