Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ)

The marking systems in the Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) category are small character printers with a print height of 0.8 mm to a maximum of 14 mm. In these industrial printers, a continuous ink jet is divided into hundreds of thousands of droplets every second. These are then charged by a high-voltage field in accordance with the desired print image, deflected and applied to the object to be printed without contact. Thanks to a writing speed of up to 500 meters per minute (@Matrix 5x5), our small character printers are also suitable for marking on fast conveyor belts. The production process therefore does not have to be interrupted to achieve good product markings with texts, barcodes or simple graphics.


The described process is completely contactless and with the right ink, almost all materials can be printed and marked quickly and easily. As a result, CIJ printers can be used in almost any industry without any problems. For example, in the food industry, curved objects such as bottle necks or plastic cups can be perfectly coded with best-before dates thanks to non-contact printing. In addition, printers using the CIJ process generally deliver a more reliable print result than other devices using contact marking, even over longer operating times. Another advantage of non-contact printing is the ability to mark even fragile items, such as the shell of eggs.

CIJ Lettering Systems

  •  Small character printer
  •  Contactless product marking
  •  print height 0,8mm - 14 mm
  •  Writing speed of up to 500 meters per minute
  •  Most common applications:
    • Barcodes, QR codes
    • Best before date (MHD)
    • Batch number
EBS Ink Jet Systems

Marking systems


Our EBS-6600 is the first marking system from the brand new Boltmark II-series. It's an industrial single-head Ink-Jet printer designed for coding moving objects on a factory conveyor without requiring direct contact. It's able to print from 0.8 mm up to a maximum of 14 mm height with a max. amount of 16 dots [depending on text profile]. Optional the EBS-6600 has our newest feature called ACPS - no more printer-stops by power loss or carelessness! 

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The EBS-6900 is the big brother of EBS-6600 and comes with a bunch of new features. It is a single nozzle industrial Ink-Jet printer that can code on factory conveyors with a speed up to 500m/min [@ 5x5 matrix]. It has a print height from 0.8 mm up to 14 mm with a maximum amount of 32 dots. The biggest optional feature is our new ACPS - which means as much as no more blocked nozzles induced by power loss or carelessness! 

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EBS-6800P is the name of our coding system for pigmented inks. It's the only coder in the CIJ-portfolio which can work with these high contrast inks. The device is an industrial single-head Ink-Jet printer designed for coding moving objects on a factory conveyor without requiring direct contact. It has a print height from 1.2mm up to 14mm with a maximum amount of 32 dots. Like all of our new marking systems it needs no compressed air supply!

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Reliability, functionality and efficiency: EBS Boltmark II

The new generation of BOLTMARK ® II printers has increased in terms of performance, functionality and reliability. Our engineers have created a product that will not let you down, even under the toughest conditions, and will also work highly efficiently.

Extremely low power consumption (only 19 W) creates a new quality in the CIJ printer segment. With low consumption of consumables, the BOLTMARK®-II series printers take the lead in eco-friendly and economical marking equipment.

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The use of marking systems on high-speed conveyor belts in particular presents many companies with major challenges. All systems must be networkable and coordinated with each other. In addition, speed is a high economic factor in industry, and seconds can be crucial. To ensure that products can be labeled without any problems, we are constantly working on further developing our labeling systems to make them even faster, more effective and more cost-effective. For example, in the new generation of our BOLTMARK ® II printers, our engineers developed an intelligent and innovative system that makes it possible to replace the integrated ink system in just 3 short steps without interrupting product marking.

Whether the print needs to succeed on metal, packaging or a porous surface. Our CIJ printers for product marking are up to any challenge.  We will also find the right solution for your makes with one of our labeling systems.

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